2018 Army composition

  • Mantic Kings of War 2E rule book and Uncharted Empires will be used along with any current Errata or FAQs.  
  • Models can come from any manufacturer.
  • Lists are to be no larger than 2,400 points.
  • Lists are due no later than January 8th. Late lists will not receive their bonus 5 SSPs. (see scoring page for details)
  • Models/units do not have to be painted, but they must be fully assembled to be legal and must be "WYSIWYG."  Big conversions and Proxies might be allowed but must have tournament organizers approval first.  Please use caution, do not have your models disqualified because you didn't check it out first.  The general rule of thumb is if your opponent will have to ask more than once a game what is that model, then you probably need to have it approved.  **Please note that the only awards that you will be able to win with an unpainted army are: Good Ol'Boy, City Slicker, and HIs Cornbread Ain't Quite Done Yet.
  • Organizers will be checking lists to ensure legality. Double check your lists, do not make me send them back, please.  We reserve the right to send back any army list that we deem as unsporting.  
  • If you have any specific questions you would like us to rule on before the tournament, please make a post or send us and email and we will get a posted ruling so that everyone can see.
  • First round challenges are accepted, but must be ok'ed by both players and myself.  Challenges must be submitted no later than January 15th to be considered.
  • This year will consist of 6 rounds.  The first round, barring challenges, will be a random draw.  The following rounds will be a swiss draw.  We will try to keep you from playing players from your play group, so please let me know who you are riding/associated with, however, if you are in the winners bracket no exceptions will be made.
  • Allowed Lists
  • Kings of War: Abyssals                                   Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarfs                         Kings of War: Brotherhood
  • Kings of War: Dwarfs                                      Kings of War: Elves                                         Kings of War: Empire of Dust
  • Kings of War: Forces of Basilea                      Kings of War: Forces of Nature                      Kings of War: Goblins
  • Kings of War: Orcs                                          Kings of War: Ogres                                       Kings of War: Kin
  • Kings of War: Kingdom of Men                       Kings of War: League of Rhordia                    Kings of War: Ratkin
  • Kings of War: Salamanders                            Kings of War: The Herd                                   Kings of War: Undead
  • Kings of War: Varangur                                    Kings of War: Nightstalkers                           Kings of War:  The Trident Realms of Neritica
* Legendary Characters are allowed
* Shiloh will follow the standard rules for Line-of-Sight and terrain defined in the Kings of War Version 2 Rulebook.


Comp Restrictions and additional tournament game play rules for 2017

* Please send me questions if there is something specific that you want me to cover pre-tournament.

  • Shiloh will be using the following sections from the "2016 Clash of Kings Pack".

  • Unit Entry Changes page 11: Cursed Pharaoh – This unit has Defense 5 not 6. The points value remains the same.
    Ahmunite Pharaoh – This unit has Defense 5 not 6. The points value remains the same.

  • Special Rules page 11: Fly The unit can move over anything (blocking terrain, enemy units, friendly units when charging, etc.), but still cannot land on top of them. The unit does not suffer hindered charges for moving over difficult terrain or obstacles, unless it ends the move within or touching them. The unit also has the Nimble special rule.
    While Disordered, units lose Fly. Note that this also means they lose the Nimble that Fly provides too, unless they have it by another means(such as Individuals)

  • Army Selection page 11: Within your main force, you cannot select the same unit entry of type War Engine, Hero or Monster more than 3 times. For example, in a goblin army, you could take a maximum of 3 War Trombones and a maximum of 3 Wiz heroes. You could still then take up to 3 Biggits of course.

  • Allies page 11: If you include allies, you cannot select the same allied unit entry of type War Engine, Hero (all types) or Monster more than once.
    For example, in a goblin allied contingent, you could take a maximum of 1 War Trombone and a maximum of 1 Wiz hero. In addition, magic artefacts can not be given to any allied units you take.