In Memory of Kim Wilborn

Kim was one of those people that everybody loved.  She always had a smile and was always willing to help.  She served our gaming community tirelessly as a Press Ganger, but she always went above and beyond.  If you would like to make a donation to her memorial please do so using the link below.  All monies collected will go to the Child's Play Charity.

I am truly amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support for the memorial fund for Kim Wilborn. Today I sent a donation of $1935 to Child's Play. I had originally set a goal of $1000 and we quickly blew past that. I think that it would put a smile on Kim's face to know that she was so loved and so cared for that our community would reach into our pockets and dig deep to support a cause that she loved with such a big donation. You guys truly amaze me. While I will truly... miss Kim, she lives on through us and how we treat each other and we conduct ourselves everyday. Remember to wear something bright and always play with a smile in honor of Kim Wilborn.
A special thanks to all who contributed...
Mercedes Behan
Dan Berger
Privateer Press – Sherry Yeary
Alexander Kosma
Ruxton Smith
Jose Caballero
Andrew Durso
James Arbuthnot
Christopher Miller
Christopher Collins
Stephen Williams
Rhett Tudor
Matt Gunter
Robert Morris
John Christensen
Joe Bell
Aaron Cook
Brad Elledge
Nick Huisman
Jonathan Barket
Joshua Simpson
Donald Shaver
Adam Crumpton
Brent Simon
And thank you to Brandon Sherley and the Mo-Kan group for hosting the Kim Wilborn memorial Tournament December 3rd in KC.