Since 2002 Arkansas' Biggest and Baddest Fantasy GT

February 26th-28th, 2021

We have a date for next year and will be posting up new rules and such no later than the end of June.  We look forward to seeing you all again.

      Welcome to the official site for the Shiloh Slaughter Con! 18 years strong of running a Fantasty (Fantasy / KoW GT) and working hard to provide one of the best gaming experiences in Arkansas.  However, this year is going to see some changes that we are very excited about.  We are adding in Warhammer 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Flames of War, Team Yankee, Riot Quest and Monsterpocaylpse to help bring you the best experience possible.  Don't worry Kings of war will still be here and going strong.  We are excited for this year’s annual tournament and the changes.  We have some new sponsors and new people on staff.  Nick Huisman will be running our 40K Tournament... Chris Collins will be running Warmachine, Riot Quest and MonPoc, Charlie Clay will be running Team Yankee and Flames of War.  A special shout out to these guys for helping make Shiloh a great tournament.

     Once again, this year’s event will be held in beautiful downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas at the Graduate Hotel (formerly the Chancellor.   But this year we will be in both ballrooms.  You can find information about the venue and schedule under the Where and When link on this site.  Information about your army, rules, scoring, rules, important dates, and other things can be found on this site as well.   We will make changes from time to time, so please keep checking back to ensure you have current information about the events!

Please feel free to email your comments or questions to me, Brian Preece, at, or you can contact me at (479) 750-0133. 

We are excited to meet each of you and are looking forward to having a great time playing games, getting to know some great people, and making new memories.  You can register below or give me a shout to plan for your gaming experience!

Please email your army lists or any questions to:

2020 Shiloh Slaughter Registration 
(Until Jan 1,2020)
Kings of War & Warhammer 40K $60
 Warmachine 1 day $25
Riot Quest & Monsterpocolypse $15
2day Pass Warmachine & Riot or MonPoc $30
Team Yankee $20
Flames of War $20
2 Day pass for TY & Fow $33.

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