Assualt on Shiloh 40K ITC

  • ITC Champions
  • 5 round event  (3 Saturday 2 Sunday)
  • 3 hours per round
  • 2000 Point lists
  • Any books, Erratta or FAQ released by Jan 17th, 2020 will be used in the tournament.
  • Army List does not need to include pregame             stratagems except for specialist detachments.
  • Army List must include Warlord
  • Army Lists due by January 21st, 2020.
General Tournament Rules:
  • Players are expected to have all of their models in compliance with tournament policy:
  •  Models must adhere to the expected norms for WYSIWYG  
  • Models that do not meet these rules cannot be used. If a significant portion of a player’s army is in violation of these rules, they may be asked to withdraw from the tournament. 
  • A single printed army list is required.
  • Each army list MUST contain the following details:
  1. Player Name 
  2. Army Faction (Use ITC rules) 
  3. Warlord
  4. Detachment types 
  5. Unit names 
  6. Force organization role 
  7. Wargear or other upgrades 
  8. Points – both the totals and breakdown of points as well
  • Each player is responsible for having all of the necessary rulebooks, codexes, etc. along with dice, rules, and other needed items for the game. 

Assault on Shiloh will use the ITC Champions missions.