We here at The Shiloh Slaughter think that the three muskateers were somewhat right. While I am not so about all for one and one for all, we tend to think that we needs to take care of as many as we can. Along with several door prizes and a raffle, we prides ourselves in giving out several awards.

This year we will be looking at three areas of play and hobby. Every player will be judged on how well they play, how well they paint, and how much fun they can create.

The Shiloh Slaughters 2016 Awards are:

The Commander in Chief (Overall):

Battle Points + Apperance + Good Gamer Points + SSPs

The Good Ol'Boy (Gentlemenly Gamer);

Good Gamer Points

The Meaner Than a Snake Award (General):

Battle Points + SSPs

The Purdy'Un (Apperance):

Apperance Points

The His Cornbread Ain't Quite Done Award (misfire):

This award will be given by the organizers with suggestions from the field to the player who just personifies Murphy's Law.

The Knee High to a Grasshopper Award (rookie of the year):

An organizer award for a first time player who goes above and beyond.

Each player will only be allowed to win one award, so if a player wins in two or categories he will be given the highest award he has won.