Army Composition Rules
  • Mantic Kings of War 3E rule book will be used.
  • Uncharted Empires 2019 will be used
  • All FAQs and Errata that are released prior to January 10th will be in effect with special arrangements considered for those released         between that date and the start of the event.
  • Models can come from any manufacturer.
  • Lists are to be no larger than 2,400 points.
  • Lists are due no later than January 10th. Late lists will not receive their bonus 10 SSPs. (see scoring page for details)
  • Models/units do not have to be painted, but they must be fully assembled to be legal and must be "WYSIWYG."  Big conversions and       Proxies might be allowed but must have tournament organizers approval first.  Please use caution, do not have your models                     disqualified because you didn't check it out first.  The general rule of thumb is if your opponent will have to ask more than once a             game what is that model, then you probably need to have it approved.  **Please note that the only awards that you will be able to               win with an unpainted army are: Good Ol'Boy, City Slicker, and HIs Cornbread Ain't Quite Done Yet.
  • Organizers will be checking lists to ensure legality. Double check your lists, do not make me send them back, please.  We reserve the       right to send back any army list that we deem as unsporting.  
  • Historicals: Will be allowed in the event, and they may take Mythical allies if they so desire. A KOW fantasy army cannot take                     Historical Allies, nor vice versa..
  • If you have any specific questions you would like us to rule on before the tournament, please make a post or send us and email and         we will get a posted ruling so that everyone can see.
  • First round challenges are accepted, but must be ok'ed by both players and myself.  Challenges must be submitted no later than              January 15th to be considered.
  • This year will consist of 6 rounds.  The first round, barring challenges, will be a random draw.  The following rounds will be a swiss           draw.  We will try to keep you from playing players from your play group, so please let me know who you are riding/associated with,         however, if you are in the winners bracket no exceptions will be made.

Comp Restrictions and additional tournament game play rules for 2020

* Please send me questions if there is something specific that you want me to cover pre-tournament.